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April 10th - Suicidal Sundays

For the second time in a few months I was delayed on a train, on a Sunday, on the way back from Bath because of a suicide on the railway. Why are there so many fatalities on the trains on sundays on the west coastway line between Portsmouth and Brighton? What can be done to stop people killing themselves on Britain's railways? At least this time it wasn't my train which squished the body, but it was my train that was behind it, which was cancelled, which caused us all to be de-trained at Fratton (filthy skate land full of horrible pikey human filth wearing Blue and Yellow), which made me 1 1/2 hours late. I have lost sympathy. I think they should leave the body there and scrape it up late at night when the trains have stopped. Suicidal freaks!

Anyway, its been a while since I updated you all on my happenings. Sorry. My week back to work was basically 2 weeks work after my week off! No such thing as a holiday when yer managing projects ey! I didn't finish the Cellar - no where near in fact. I managed to remove all of the paint and plaster from the wall, but that was it. Hopefully I'll be able to get the mortar onto the walls, seal and concrete the floor and put a first coat of damp proofing onto the walls over Easter. Sean's gonna come and help me out so should be possible, although still have the issue of the gas meter to move.

This weekend I went to Bath for my not-so-little-anymore sister Amy's 18th Birthday. Was a pretty good weekend. Rachel and I left Brighton at lunch time on Friday to get back in time for the 7pm meal at the Riverside Cafe by Pultney Weir. Its a really lovely little cafe - pretty small, with room for about 30. Almost all the family were there which was the first time in a long time. Well, except Christmas, but that was 4 months ago now! Woo - Tempus Fugit (or something like that). Then, after the meal, we went to a squat party Amy had organised at a Cemetery gate house (don't ask). It was really good fun. We had a bonfire, drank loads of free drinks and watched lots of little rich 18 year old girls do their thing! Next day we went for a meal at Bengal Brasserie on Milsom Street. Again, a really nice small restaurant, and again with the family. For some reason my family wouldn't shut up asking when Rachel and I are going to get Married. NOT FOR A LONG TIME I TELL THEE!

No more news i'm afraid. I'm playing football on Hove Lawns tonight - in football boots - in an organised game. Screw you Brighton and Hove Council - come catch me!

April 13th - Thursday the 13th

I don't normally post just to show a link to a puzzle or game - but this game is incredible. Its so intricate and, well, hard!

Today has been hard work - various things have gone wrong. Clients have been calling all day to complain about stuff and i've been in a particularly nonchalant mood - which never helps. Well, Easter is here. The bunny is getting fat. I can't wait to have roast rabbit on Sunday - or maybe roast cat?

April 11th - Photos update

Just a quick update to say I have posted my sisters birthday photos from the weekend - See here.


April 23rd - Paintballing in Brighton

Yesterday I went Paintballing in Brighton, well, it was in Holmbush near Horsham - Brighton near enough. The day had been planned by Mike Barnell, as it was his birthday. I felt a little apprehensive before going as I have a tendency to bruise very easily! Paintballs travelling at 100 miles per hour would probably leave a bruise for about 2 months! I've been before, when I was much younger, so knew what to expect - but this time it felt different somehow. When I was young, shooting a gun at someone was cool! There was no two-ways about it. This time however, it felt slightly geeky and odd dressing up in camouflage and running around with a gun firing flourescent paint at your friends!

The first 2 rounds consisted of a versus battle between two teams - our green team and their red team. We simply had to run up a field, take out as many people as possible and shoot a metal post 3 times - easy enough. First round I got shot pretty much first pop of the game, second round I lasted a little longer, taking out 3 people, before getting shot right between my eyes. The next 2 rounds involved defending a castle, then storming the castle, in which again I shot a few people (including a peach of a head shot at Duncan) and again I took a hit right on my eye - thank god for the face masks! In the final 2 rounds, both teams had to try and get one flag and take it to the other teams base. Us Greens were miserable at this - losing each time, although there was more than a spot of cheating going on! I shot one guy in the face - he had red paint splatted down his visor - he ducked his head down then next thing I knew he was back up again shooting me after obviously wiping the paint off! He gave me the only bruise of the day - right above my left temple. The game finished with the red's winning by a comfortable 44 to our 14.

Easter was pretty dull - I didn't really get up to much. We had a bit of a piss up after work on Thursday evening before Good Friday, which left me feeling wiped out on Friday. Sean and Anna came down on Friday evening and on Saturday Sean and I played football in the pouring rain for about 2 hours. On Sunday Ed came for lunch and on Monday I spent the day failing to be motivated enough to get on with some work in the cellar. Hopefully Mr Mole will come down next weekend and help me get some plaster on the walls.