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August 1st - Blogging outside the palace

I've been blogging a lot recently on the move but this beats them all - I'm outside Buckingham Palace, in the sunshine with the laptop and 3G card - don't you just love technology! I've just finished a copywriting meeting for a UK Mortgage Company. We finished early so I took the scenic route and walked from Covent Garden to here via H&M; (I've gone a bit off the rails with money and spent far too much on new clothes!) I'm actually half killing time as I'm getting the 17.37 train back to Brighton with Naomi. It's funny - I probably know more people who work in London and live in Brighton, than live in Brighton and work in Brighton. It's easier to meet people here for lunch than at home!

My view here is pretty incredible. I'm outside the little lake just in front of the palace and the white and gold statue in the centre. I may go and investigate shortly who or what its of - that's how cultured I am - I have no idea! First, however, I'm enjoying looking at the birds. Yes BIRDS. Real birds. There's geese and swans and pelicans or something - big pink things with long necks. There are also some pretty fit girls here too :-). I wonder which other interesting places I can visit to write my blog? Maybe I should make it my new theme. I'm going to Leeds next week and Manchester the week after - its just whether I can be arsed to lug this laptop around with me. Broken back or Interesting blog?

As per, my life's been pretty hectic. Just so you're all up to date - this weekend I went from bachelor to house sharer again. Addam partially moved into my little one bed flat in Hove. It's pretty cramped at the moment. I still haven't got a sofa bed, but we've been having a lot of fun. Adz has been experiencing the delights of living with Davey Boy. I cooked us a wicked meal last night - Sausages, boiled potatoes and broccoli served with my speciality Red Wine and Onion gravy. We did a big Tesco shop and spent 100 on food - then another 50 on booze! Start as we mean to go on! He's been loving waking up at 8 - as opposed to 6.30 to get the train from Hastings - and especially loving cycling to work along the sea front. It really is the life.

I played 7 hours of Cricket on Preston Park this weekend with Joe Doveton's team the Deadbeats. We really were deadbeats - although I did take 2 wickets from 3 overs and scored 7 runs off 6 balls before being run out. I really enjoyed it despite being horrifically hungover. I got a little sun burnt too, which has now gone a pinky brown - that quintessential Brits abroad look - quality!

I've been boozing it pretty hard the last couple of weeks. I had 6 days last week with at least 3 pints a day. The single life is great - especially in the summer. I do miss being in a relationship. It's funny - last night, my first night not being alone in the flat for 6 weeks - I probably felt the loneliest - but it'll pass as soon as Adz and I start sharing a bed (joke!). Anyway - better go get that train. Onward to the next fun blogging destination!

August 6th - Brighton Gay Pride

Last weekend was of course Brighton Pride. A particularly messy affair it must be said. Now for those of you who knew me pre-relationship, I did rather frequent bars of 'the other side' shall we say, not because I am gay I must add, but I do like attention - wherever it may be from, and I also have a lot of good gay friends. Brighton Gay Pride 2006 however did take it a little far!

Adam, not Addam housemate Addam, but Adam uni Adam invited me to a champagne breakfast at 9am on Saturday morning. Under normal circumstances, I would reject such an offer point blank on the grounds that sleep on Saturday is much more important, but Rachel was coming to move all her stuff out of the flat at 10, so I took up the offer with open arms. That was before Mark Raymond came along! The S-works crew ended up back at Mark's house on Friday evening for a mash up, and I ended up DJ'ing until about 3am. It was so good. I've forgotten how good it is dj'ing, especially using Pioneer CDJ's! At around 3am, we went to St Anne's Well Gardens for some late night adventure playground, and when I eventually rolled into bed it was light outside!

I dragged myself up at around 9.30am and off to Adam's to wake myself up with Champagne and Salmon Bagels (oh so classy!) At around 11 we headed off to central Brighton for the gay pride parade (pictures to follow). The crowds were pretty heavy, probably about 60,000 all walking very very slowly to Preston park. By the time I reached Preston Park and the WIld Fruit tent, it was about 1pm and, with bottle of rum in hand, I danced the afternoon away with Jon, Cally, Leo and Aid

At around 5pm I had to duck out cos I was so drunk. It also had something to do with my balls being grabbed and nipple being licked by some guy called Steve who took a liking to me (I hate my nipples being touched!) I met Jane, Naomi, Dan, Saro, Andy, Pablo, Beks, Mikey, Si at al and carried on drinking (perhaps unwisely) and then attempted to continue dancing. Unfortunately, by now i was getting more and more wound up by my tiredness and drunkenness, and at around 10pm, after a Thai green curry, I spoke to Addam, who had been back to the flat and it sent me into a bit of a state

Now I know I said I wouldn't mention a particular person on here again, but you must understand, this is a recollection of my life and thoughts - and she has occupied both for 3 years, so open discussion can't be avoided easily! When Adz told me what she had taken from the flat, I just couldn't help falling apart...albeit for the last time...I hope! It was like a cloud of anger and hope and frustration and finality had been lifted from my head. Like the curtains she had taken, it was closure on the old life and drawing of the new. I just couldn't hold back the pointless emotions. I ended up at work with Leo at abot midnight in an absolute state before adz came to rescue me and put me to be with some fresh water to ease my drunken state.

August 8th - Ikea recovery

Sunday I woke full of new energy and hope. I went straight to Argos and Robert Dyas and replaced the kitchen stuff which left my flat the day before. Then I spent the afternoon triumphantly watching Southampton's new players score some cracking goals courtesy of sky sports (one of the new perks of living as a single lad) On Monday after work, I went to Ikea in Croydon, with a Quality hired van from choices on Holland Road. I replaced everything, I mean everything, Rachel took. It was quite therapeutic, as well as expensive. The van had the loudest bassiest stereo ever, so when I got back, Adz and I went for a cruise along the sea front with drum and bass at full volume! woo!

Well, we nearly in Manchester now, after stopping on the M6 for a piss. Gonna go for that fat curry soon, my mouth is watering. I promise i'll upload my Pride photos and also (babber!) the photos from the triple T weekend in Bath next weekend! FEeling a little sick. Fuck the bed, a lorry nearly killed us! definitely going now!!

August 11th - Manchester bound

So continuing my theme of blogging on the move, I'm currently in the back of jonnies car, on the M40, on the way to Manchester. Jon, Dan, Adz and I found cheap Manchester United v Seville tickets, so we thought we'd make a weekend of it and experience Manchester birds and curry.

The plan when we get there is to get the famous Manchester Ruby, find a strip bar and quite simply get drunk! I'm already pretty drunk to be honest. Tom and I entertained a Cheap package holiday company, and had a few Pimms before we left Brighton, then I had ¼ of a bottle of cheap Cava, now i'm on me 5th bottle of Bud. Woo! Love the single life! By the way, I'm again going to fake blogging dates below, as I've been too lazy to blog!

August 13th - Madchester

In the car, once again, blogging, this time bleary eyed after a mental weekend in Manchester. We arrived on Friday evening at around 11 to the sportcity Travelodge and immediately headed toward the famous curry mile on the Wilmslow Road. I must say, the curry wasn't all that great, but it was good to get some fire in my belly, although the smell in the car now makes me somewhat regret it! By the time we finished the curry it was coming on for 1am, so we heading into central Manchester for a night cap. The night cap became a full blown piss up!

We found a small bar, The Restless Scholar, or something like that, under the arches by Oxford Road Station. They played funky 60's US Soul which was refreshing to say the least. From here we headed on to a couple of bars, names of which I can't remember, before finally ending up at a night club Venus, as recommended by a bouncer near Deansgate locks (the trendy bar area!). Lets just say, Venus was not exactly the best night club I've ever been too. As Addam's nicely put it, it was a bit of a sausage fest, with about 100 sweaty men dancing to funky house and about 4 moody girls asking for pills. Nevertheless, it was still a good laugh - I even got chatted up by a girl who thought she knew me from Didsbury, but when I explained I was from Hove (actually) she seemed less than impressed and stopped talking to me!

One thing I haven't mentioned yet is our sleeping quarters - Apparently, Sportcity Travelodge have only double beds. I had to sleep with smelly Jonny while Dan and Adz had to share a room. I'm actually pretty happy with the arrangement. Jon sleeps quietly, whilst both Addam and Dan are the loudest snorers ever! Dan was in a foul mood on Saturday when we got up to go to the football as Addam had keep him up all night with his snoring. We got to Old Trafford around 1pm and sat in a pub just on the corner of Sir Matt Busby Way. After a few quick, refreshing beers, we went to the stadium for a pretty dull game. Now I'm not really much of a united fan, in fact I've never forgiven United for sending the Saints down 2 seasons ago. The first half was boring and ended goalless. The most entertaining bit was when a lost pigeon landed on the pitch. The second half picked up a little and united won 3-0 thanks to goals from Ronaldo (boo), Saha and new boy Jones.

By the time Saturday evening came we were all pretty tired, but we tarted ourselves up - Manchester has a shirt and shoes dress code unlike Brighton's anything goes policy - jumped in a cab and, on recommendation from the Travelodge 'Brighton isn't exactly the centre of the world, unlike Manchester' barman, went to the Printworks to start the drinking again.

The Printworks, like much of Manchester, is an old Victorian workhouse turned into characterless commercial space. The interior looks much like most city mall's, however The Printworks is full of bars, clubs, cafe's and Cinema's. There's a Weatherspoon's (Lloyds), Hard Rock Cafe, Odeon and a funny central meeting area which was filled with speakers with a DJ - a free club basically. We had a strictly one-pint-per-bar policy so swiftly moved from pub to pub in the Printworks, then onto Deansgate where we ended up at Teasers Beer and babes. Now, the name kind of gives away what you can expect at this establishment. Firstly, Beer, Secondly, Babes. Beer served to you by babes no less. Babes who, once they have served you beer, get up onto the bar and dance around poles for you, leaving little to your imagination! Heaven essentially! Surprisingly, after an hour or two, we got bored and moved on! Next up, after finding a speed boat cut in half, and being sent on a wild goose chase to the Northern quarter to find a club which was actually round the corner from where we were, we arrived at a latin-samba club called the Mint Lounge. Finally, after a weekend of looking, I found a bar who served Sailor Jerry - woohoo!

Now I am paying for it, but it was great fun, and I feel more cultured for it. Basically, Manchester is full of dirty women in heels and short skirts, the buildings are all samey and drab and Man Utd are as crap as I always thought!

August 17th - Leeds this time

I come to you today from wet, thundery Leeds - well on the train leaving Leeds actually. I'm a bit worried the lightning's going to hit the overhead cables on the train to which my laptop is connected, cause a power surge and blow the screen! Wishful thinking for some excitement I guess. I've been up here on yet another business meeting, this time with a large online electrical retailer (check out their superb range of Breadmakers!) There's a pretty sexy Australian brid in nice boots in front of me and I've been eating Garlic Bread, so am doing really smelly burps, a bit like in the car to Manchester on Friday. I might ask her to borrow some chewing gum, that'll break the ice!

Really, not a lot to say. Leeds is dirt cheap. I might buy a flat up here to rent out. They have this brand new waterfront apartment building, similar in style to the blue/brown glass building on the river near Victoria station in London. One bed flats are 85k! 3 beds are 160! Cheap as f**k! Could trade my 1 bedder in for a 3 bed and still have change for a kebab.

Ok, so here are my Manchester photos and Triple T Tantric Bath Weekend photos - This long lonely train journey has to be useful for something (probably should be working but I'm not in the mood!!) Wish me luck with the Aussie!

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