Buying a flat in Brighton & Hove and Mortgage Blog

On Friday the 29th July 2005 I became a homeowner after collecting the keys to our one bedroom Flat in Hove. The following pages tell our story of purchasing a flat in Hove, East Sussex & provide a weblog of life after the purchase. I offer my story as information to help anyone in our position - as first time buyers in the difficult housing market of 2005. After 3 years of near doubling of house prices, I aim to show what it is possible to buy, what it was possible for us to borrow and how much it could cost you. I will also discuss timescales and the contrast between initial frantic flat searching with tedious waiting for completion.

If you have any questions about my purchase, mortgage, blog or any other comments, please feel free to drop me an email - and I will post any interesting comments and replies.

Over the coming weeks I will add pages on the following topics:

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