Relationship Management

Since my first role as a sales assistant at a conveinience store in 1997, I have worked in many different customer facing or purely client focused roles including offering travel advice, selling tickets and managing the sales offices of busy railway stations. I have experience of many difficult and challenging situations, often under extreme pressure. I have experience of relationship management in many forms, mainly through face-to-face communication, but also by telephone, where I was a telephone operator for a large telecoms company and written email documentation.

Client focused online marketeer

As an experienced SEO Consultant, the primary objective is to serve my clients needs. I am always fully client focused at all times in order to help my clients set and achieve valuable goals. To do this I manage my customers needs by asking the right questions and listening carefully to the answers. I will always prioritise my work based around quick wins, client desire and attainability.

Project Management is key to the success of my clients campaigns. I have studied carefully PRINCE2 methodology and always set realistic, achievable, measureable and timely actions against all my objectives and targets. I ensure all activities have a start and end date, have an expected outcome and an owner. Most importantly, I always ensure this is communicated to all parties.

I thoroughly enjoy working in an Agile environment, where teams work together to ensure a job is completed timely and efficiently, but each individual owns specific tasks. I have run teams where a morning 'scrum' helps bind the team together, ensure impediments are aired and solutions can be found to these.

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