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I am a lively yet thoughtful individual, good humored and well mannered, friendly with a helpful nature. I am full of energy, but also possess the ability to remain calm under pressure, and think laterally and logically when faced with a challenge. I am a self starter; I exceed expectations through quick intelligent thinking & common sense. I will often take a leadership role in a team environment and activly seek to motivate a team, whilst focusing the team on the task in hand. With a passion for scientific problem solving and the modern technological environment, I keep a watchful eye on technological breakthoughs, science and engineering current affairs and as well as all aspects of political and world situations. Well rounded and versatile, I excel with a challenge. I am flexible and well adapted to a fast paced, changeable and testing environment.

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I was Born in Bath, UK where I grew up a quiet and shy child who was always a quick learner and quickly rose from first to tell the time in play school to having my own spelling and maths tests in Junior school. I went to a boy's Comprehensive, not the best it must be said, where being shy and clever were not an option. It was here I learnt to cope with the harsh realities of life by developing a unique sense humour, open opinions and ability to cope with whatever challenges life throws at you. I moved to Brighton in 2000 where I currently reside to read Physics with Management studies at Sussex University. My outgoing but hardworking personality meant I could sustain a varied social life whilst knuckling down to some hard studying. I maintained a weekend job, wild social life and still achieved a 2:1 Master of Physics Degree.

My experience as a technical problem solver led me to my current role as an SEO Consultant, although I have tried my hand at customer services, project management and a little teaching along the way. I feel I am very confident and articulate when interacting with people, with the ability to express my thoughts and ideas clearly. I am good at managing my time and getting on with a task - a quality almost all physics graduates possess (24hrs of lectures a week!). I am a bit of a perfectionist and like to carry out a task to the best of my abilities - but I know where to draw the line. I enjoy a bit of good humoured banter - upon which most of my humour is based - banter, sarcasm and the occasional practical joke. I currently live in one of the beautiful sea front properties of Brunswick Terrace in Hove where I enjoy panoramic sea views Although I am not the party animal I once was, I still enjoy drinks with friends, sports such as squash, cricket, jogging along the seafront - plus lots and lots of cycling! in 2007 I took part in the South Downs Randonnee - a 100 mile cross-country bike ride to be completed in one day! I also climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and ran the Brighton Half Marathon to raise money for a childrens home in Tanzania. I have a passion for travel and have somehow managed to take a trip to a new country each month for the last 18 months!

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