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December 1st - Colles radius fracture photos

I have just returned from the Fracture Clinic where I have had my cast properly set and seen a specialist about my Wrist. I have broken the Colles, which is the top part of the Radius, the larger of the two bones which make up the lower arm and part of the Wrist. A fracture of the Scaphoid is the more deadly of the two types of broken wrist - a small bone making up the lower part of the hand which often requires surgery and insertion of a pin when broken - see this great Broken wrist information site.

The Mr (earned surgeon Mr, next step above Dr!) said I should make a full recovery and, luckily, only have to have the cast on for 4 weeks. I had the choice of all the colours under the rainbow for my cast - I chose red - for no reason really - thought it was nice. On reflection, today is world aids day - so I think the Red is quite apt - thinks brain for subliminallyt getting it right again! I also managed to get the Mr to take photos of my X-Ray. Unfortunatley, the side on one which shows the bone sticking out is a bit blurry. You can clearly see the 2 colles fracture lines in the frontal image which is all good. Mr Cains - these are for you!

My Big Red Plaster Cast Blurry side X-Ray Colles Fracture Photo

December 13th - Issues Issues

Yeah, so I haven't blogged for nearly 2 weeks now - I HAVE A BROKEN WRIST - I CAN'T TYPE!

Not a lot has happened either, I had a really bad cold, which, coupled with my wrist, made last week a pretty shit week for davey boy!

We had our work christmas party (pics to follow) on saturday 10th, which was a really good night. We stayed in a lovely hotel in Lewes, had a really tasty meal, and got very very drunk! Open Bar baby - yeah! I also shared my room with The world's loudest snorer! Which was nice!

Otherwise I have just been work work working! Since I took 3 days off for my wrist in my busiest week, I've been properly snowed under, so don't expect many more posts between now and the 29th when I finally get my cast taken off!

December 22nd - Bad Christmas cracker toys

It has been a long time hasn't it! I really have been lame - literally! But I'm getting better now, so no more excuses not to blog. I have almost full movement in my wrist now. It kind of hurts to twist more than anything, but I can hold a pint quite comfortably and just about open a door, even though I was advised not to buy the Doctor. So here is a summary for those of you who have just suffered a broken Wrist, fractured arm, colles, Radius, Ulna or Scaphoid fracture after 3 weeks:

Ah well - only 8 days to go and the red smelly, flakey, bulky thing will be attached to me no more!

Last night Ben Massey, Grania, Dave Kuchani, James, Andy, Whizz et al went to ASK on Ship Street in Brighton for a Christmas meal. It was really nice, although we caused a palaver by making others move cos there were so many of us, and got generally very drunk - with the wine bill being more than the food bill!

I thing I have to comment on is the pointlessness of Christmas Cracker toys. What are the point of these:

Deformed Cat or lion or horse? Crap plastic ring plastic moustache
Plastic Fighter Jet Plastic Yellow Lips 3 crippled horses

It's just incredible that we put our resources into making such absolute junk. I wonder if the people who make these have any job satisfaction knowing thier products are completely pointless and will end up in the bin - guaranteed. I wonder if they are proud of their workmanship. I mean look at the deformed cat is it? and a bloody plastic ring - dear God - why oh why do we make and buy such crap! Maybe thier lives are livened up a bit by the fact they have a different toy to make each day of the week - deformed cat - Monday, Shit plastic ring - tuesday, Moustache - wednesday, Fighter Jet - Thursday, Yellow Lips - Friday! I hate Capitalist Christmas! Baa Humbug!

So I go to Bath tomorrow for Christmas. Should be a pleasant journey for once now I have a Sony Walkman Phone - Which I shall post about later! No screeming kids, annoying old people or drunken teenagers to listen too. Just a matter of uploading the right tunes, closing my eyes and drifting off!

Work has shown true Christmas spirit this year - Not only did we have a very expensive Christmas party - on the company, we all got a Suprise Christmas Bonus and today a bottle of Champagne! Well done to the Most Christmassy Company!

Happy Christmas everyone!

December 25th - Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone! Yes, I have managed to get myself onto the web and post on Christmas day! Its about 6pm now and I'm stuffed. We had a lovely big dinner - all the usual. Now the family are playing Monopoly or something, so I have retired to the traquility of Textpad and Total Commander for some festive blogging!

Of course, today has been spent with a mammouth hangover after a full days drinking yesterday. As is now a firm tradition amongst the Bath boys and Girls - we took over the Boater and got absolutely mullered! Photos will be uploaded in due course! As well as Nick headbuting a Christmas tree bauble and nearly knocking himself out, he thought he could punch my plaster cast off my wrist. The result was a probable broken knuckle for him, as well as a spot of concussion from the earlier baubble incident! Typical Morris! Two lessons - Plaster casts and Christmas tree babbles cause injury.

Before I go, spare a thought for Dennis Wise this Christmas. Along with so many arrogant cocks at Southampton, he too is out of a job. Ah well, He'll miss out on the promotion party in May!

December 29th - Plaster cast comes off!

My plaster cast finally came off today. I have to say it feels pretty strange without the smelly thing! My wrist felt very weak after it came off - much weaker than without the plaster. They took the cast off using this vibrating circular saw. Once the synthetic cast had been penetrated through to the cotton wool layer the saw couldn't penetrate any further, at which point out came the scissors! It was pretty minging to say the least when the thing was peeled away. All these manky flakes of skin fell onto the bed. I remarked that it looked like a cats paw - because it was so thin. The nurses laughed and said they hadn't heard that before! Mr Bintcliffe - the Orthopaedic Surgeon at the Royal Sussex County and his assistant took a good look and prod at it, wrapped it in a tubigrip and sent me on my way. I would just like to re-iterate what I said after I had the cast put on - The staff at the Royal Sussex County treated me with great care and for that I thank you kindly. My wrist will recover fully and, touch wood, I won't have to call on your services again, although countless hundreds do everyday. To the nurses in the plaster room, the X-Ray dept, A&E; and the Surgeons and Doctors who helped me at the Royal Sussex County - many thanks.

So I got home from my 5 day Christmas in Bath - a little worse for wear I must say. My 2 day bender before Christmas continued with a 2 day bender on boxing day and yesterday - so as you can imagine its nice to just come back and relax! Except relax I haven't really done! Our boiler has decided to stop working - yes thats right, on the coldest day of the year our boiler breaks down. Why oh why?!!! Its still under warranty of course as it is less than 6 months old, so we have an engineer coming out tomorrow. I have had to walk for miles around Hove trying to find somewhere who sells Coal for our open fire. Wickes don't sell it, the Esso garage by the Station has run out, so I had to walk all the way along Blatchington Road to Brydens DIY to get some, then lug it back! Great way to relax my fresh-out-of-plaster wrist ey!

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