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February 3rd - Papa Smurf fun

Everyone at work has decided to run a papa smurf competiton to try to rank top for the phrase papa smurf in Google. It's been quite funny listening to the papa smurf banter, checking the papa smurf rankings and looking at everyones papa smurf pages. I'm backing Mr Cains papa smurf effort - just for it's comedy value. I'm not joining the papa smurf fun because there is money involved and I am far too skint!

This time next week I will be 25! Quarter of a century! Unfortunately, I have been booked into a client meeting on Friday in Edinburgh and won't be back until 23.30. We were planning to go out clubbing in Brighton, but I guess that will just have to wait for the following weekend.

Best Wishes to Mr Freshhome, your Dad and Brother - I hope things are ok mate :-)

February 7th - Inverness Short break holiday photos

So last night I spent quite a bit of time getting my photos of our Inverness Scotland break online. I have started detailing what we did and will try to finish it later, although I take so long to write a page it'll probably be next year before I finish! Anyway, you can get an idea from the pictures what we did in Inverness - plenty of walking and driving around the highlands - and taking photos of the beautiful Scottish scenery.

The weekend was surprisingly good fun considering how skint I am. On Friday, Cainsie and I got, well, cained! We stayed in the Suga Cube across the road from work until about 11pm, then went to the Biscuit Factory at the bottom of Holland Road, the back to mine to finish the evening off! Then on Saturday I met Jon, Duncan, Tom, Cains and The Singe in the Montpellier Arms to watch the rugby. That was all I went for...to watch the rugby...but...like when I was at uni...I ended up staying in the pub until about 8, then going to River Spice on Preston Street for a tasty curry, then on to the Windmill for more drinks! I got back to an unhappy Rachel, who I'd earlier turned down an offer to go out with citing lack of money...hmmm...!

Well, to make it up to her, i'll get her something nice for Valentines. I found this lovely valentines card which i'm sure she will love! ;-)

February 9th - Edinburgh and Birthday

So it's nearly here - the big 25. Up until your 18th - every birthday is pretty special. Until you're 15, you have parties and get loads of cool presents. Then at 16 you can smoke and shag, 17 you can drive and 18 you can drink and do, well, pretty much everything. Then you reach 19 and there's not a lot to celebrate. 20 is 2 decades, which is kind of cool, 21 and you've 'come of age'. Then the rest are rubbish. Therefore I think we should have extra things we can do on every birthday - to incentivise celebrating. I think on your 37th birthday (what a lame birthday that'll be!) one should legally be allowed to base jump off big ben, and on you're 42nd birthday, one should get the right to fire ball bearings from a elastic band out of an office window at a seagull perched on a lamp post. Something like that anyway

I am going to Edinburgh tomorrow for a client meeting. How rubbish. Should be a good laugh though, as will be with Tom, DST and Nil's - so will probably be in the pub as soon as the meetings over to celebrate birthday eve! Then on Saturday am gonna go clubbing - as I haven't since Rachel's Birthday 3 months ago - god i'm getting old!

Will try and post on my birthday - I hope you all have a wicked present for me!

February 13th - Hangover Monday

I still feel sick. The weekend was unsurprisingly pretty boozy. Loads of drinks, loads of sport, long days and late nights. Friday I went to Edinburgh. It was great fun - even though it was for a client meeting. We flew in to edinburgh airport at around 12.30 so had to be quick getting from the airport to the centre of Edinburgh, near Haymarket Station for our meeting at 1pm. We were finished by about 3.30 and headed straight to the pub. After a quick pint we wandered up the hill toward Edinburgh castle, took a few photos (here very soon!), went back down the hill to Princes Street and back into the pub.

There was still about 4 hours until our 9pm flight so we decided to have a meal at a Thai restaurant in one of the many small cobbled streets which run parallel to Princes Street. I ordered a Chicken Panang, stuffed myself and carried on drinking. By the time we got back to the airport I was feeling a little pished, so we blazed a trail through security and into the Weatherspoons in the departures lounge. A triple scotch all round was swiftly consumed, followed by a double brandy and, after boarding the plane, a double Gin and Tonic. By the time we landed I was pretty trollied. We legged it onto a train from Gatwick which we nearly missed in favour of buying more beer. Once we were back in Brighton we went straight to the Queens Head opposite Brighton Station where we toasted my birthday with tequila shots at 12. From here on I'm afraid I can't remember what I drank or even going to bed!

On Saturday I woke with that mixed drink headache, so plodded off to the pub for some hair of the dog treatment. I met Duncan & Singe and drank the afternoon away watching France beat Ireland, England beat Italy and Portsmouth lose to Man Utd (hehe - going down!) I tried to pace myself, but drinking for 6 hours and not getting drunk is no easy thing to do!

At around 8pm, after a quick portion of chips and change of clothes, I met Rachel, Caroline Duncan & Adam and went to the Black Lion to meet everyone else. There were quite a few people out, Jane and Naomi with Mike and Hew, Stewart, Matt and Ben, Other Ben, James, Leo, Sophie and Dan. Thanks to everyone for the copious amounts of JD and Coke - I had 4 lined up on the table at one point - and sorry if I've missed anyone out! I tried to stick with the same drink to avoid another hangover, and stay coherent, but I fear I may have been a little bit of a liability. We moved on next door to the Cricketers and stayed until last orders - where I seem to remember asking a lot of people what they would do if hey saw a video of their girlfriend doing naughty things with their best mate - but of course - a lot more crudely!

We finished the night off rejecting the idea of a pay-to-get-in squat party near Sainsbury's (Even squatters are stingy capitalists these days!) and opted for us going back to Leo's flat with a bottle of wine from a gay bar on St James Street - perhaps not the craziest of evenings, but a fitting way to end a drunken birthday weekend.

Sunday was one of those non-days - spent largely in bed with a sore head and dodgy stomach. I find more and more these days that when I get drunk I wake up after about 4 hours sleep and can't get back to sleep again!

Hangover Monday was made much more bearable by a free lunch! A new restaurant on North Street Strada opened for staff training and some of us were invited to be guinea pigs! There were a few smashed plates, but the service was really good and the food excellent, if not a little overpriced had we actually been paying for it! We had to rate it after and gave it a 7 out of 10! Apparently there is a new one opening in Bath too - Clever company - the two best places in the UK to open a restaurant! Good luck reducing your prices!

February 17th - The tale of the Esure Mouse vs Tom Moreton

One day, a young lad called David Coats was given a toy mouse - designed by the cheap car insurance company esure. The mouse sat happily on david's desk until one day a horrid man called Tom Moreton came along and destroyed poor David's esure Mouse.

Then, another esure mouse came along and ate the first dismembered esure mouse. Here I present to you proof that esure mice are cannibals...

The Esure Mouse

Mouse Dies

Esure mice are cannibals

February 20th - Rain Rain Go Away

The weather has been truly awful over the weekend. I know its very stereotypical for us Brits to always talk about, and complain about the weather, but it really has been disappointing. The boys from Bath came down this weekend - Timmy, Moley, Jimbo and Mr Bath Landscaper Benjy Mitchell.

Straight after work on Friday, I met them in HaHa Bar in Pavilion Square and started on the Organic Cider - when with the west country boys, drink as the west country boys do ey! Then we wandered over to the Prodigal, even though its a nasty bar, the boys wanted cheap booze and cheap women, so this Barracuda skank hole fitted the bill nicely. Cheap Cider there certainly was - but not so cheap women. We met two lovely young ladies - Flo and Natasha - who, much to our surprise, accompanied us to Riki Tiks for more drinks and then on to Audio for some boogying.

As I mentioned the week before, for some reason I'm really not dealing with hangovers very well anymore. I drank a full pint of water before passing out and woke up about 3 hours later with a horrific rear of the eye warping type headache, extreme nausea and shivers. Finally I passed out again and woke up feeling fine. Just odd! Once we were all semi-conscious we tried to go to Harry's for a fry-up in the pouring rain, but it was full - so we had to settle for watching the Man Utd Liverpool game in the Hogshead on Church Road. Not such a bad thing after all.

That evening we hit the tiles again, first for a quick Pizza at Piccolo's, then to the Black Lion - where we were refused entry (the happy bouncer felt a group of 5 lads from Bath was more of a threat than the 60 lads from Brighton already in there???) We ended up in the Fishbowl, the Prodigal again - well we were successful the first night - and finally Sumo's.

Sunday the rain was still coming down so we gave up on the idea of having fun and the lads went home. No seafront fun, pebble throwing or tennis ball cricket this time. I spent the rest of the day doing web stuff and sorting out the flat which was mashed after a lads weekend.

Today I hired a car for a business trip to Andover tomorrow. It is pretty cool having a car, even though I hate the things. We went to B&Q; and bought some stuff for the flat and did a big Sainsbury's shop. Not looking forward to the 5 hours of driving tomorrow however - not to mention the meeting I don't feel properly prepared for!!

February 24th - 8 days of rain still a hosepipe ban

Continuing my theme of rain - today, drought measures were announced in the south of England because of the lack of rain over the last year. Granted it hasn't rained much this winter, however the last 8 days have been the wettest and most miserable I can remember for a long time. This morning I stepped out into the bitterly cold snow filled air - a hazy white-blue sky punctuated by the bright yellow full stop I haven't seen in months, my face contracting and turning that wintry pink, my nose dribbling and aching uncontrollably. How can the last week's rain not have been stored? Is it that the Thatcher Government didn't invest enough? Is it that the greedy water bosses are using new reservoir and pipe fixing money to line their own bottomless pockets? I don't know. One thing is for sure though, I'm gonna have to turn off the garden tap which I have left on, pouring crystal clear fresh water down the drain since September! ;-)

Tonight we are having a work party - yes another one. I do like my work for these things - but I do give a lot back. I have been making a note of my unpaid overtime and have logged 62 hours extra this month - nearly 2 weeks! As today is work your proper hours day I decided to Blog for lunch and will definitely be out the door at 5.30 - straight to the pub for a well earned drink on the company.

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