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There are so many estate agents in brighton - with so many branches, you really are spoilt for choice. By far the largest concentration of estate agents in Brighton is on Western Road. Some of the Popular Estate agents include Mishson Mackay, Fox and Sons, Wyatt and Son, Bryan McCoy and Brices. We registered with as many as we could and, whenever we saw a flat we liked, we would register with a new estate agent. You should be prepared for many many calls with flats which are really not what you are after. Mishson Mackay and Fox & Sons were very persistent. They would call most days about a flat they thought would be suitable for us, however they rarely hit the mark. Our criteria were as follows:

Not difficult guidelines to follow really - however, difficult for Brighton Estate Agents to follow! Mishson Mackay must have offered us 5-10 second or third floor properties, Fox and Son would send us details of 2 bedroom flats for 180,000? And Brices took us to flats on the Lewes Road.

As a matter of course, you have to register with most estate agents in Brighton or Hove if you want to see a flat. My advice would be simply not to bother pre-registering with Estate Agents or wonder around town looking at properties - its a waste of time. The property agents will try to sell everything on their books and you'll feel a lot better sitting in front of your computer with a nice cup of tea looking at Rightmove.

In the end we must have been registered with maybe 25-30 agents - who had shown us around 50 properties. Through Brighton and Hove Flats - BHF - we saw our first flat which was of interest to us - and eventually, the flat we bought was with Farrels of Goldstone Road, Hove. There really were so many estate agents we used, including Halifax, GK Whites, Cambridge Residential, Cliffords, Halls and Elliots of Hove. In my opinion - you should never go with just one or two agents, or feel loyal to any particular agent - often, the smaller agents have the best properties - and have less people looking at them. My best and least favourite estate agents, for customer service are as follows:

Top 3 Estate agents in Brighton and Hove

Wyatt and Son - Great bunch in the office - friendly and chatty staff - also offer independent mortgage brokerage

BHF - Wide range of flats and pretty good customer service

Fox and Son - nice enough guys, although different sales guy each time and often sent property details which did match our property criteria.

Bottom 3 Estate agents in Brighton and Hove

Mishon Mackay - Didn't take us seriously enough - thought we were time wasters and made us feel uncomfortable.

Cambridge Residential - Had flats in the window which had already sold.

Austin Gray - double booked our appointment and made us wait 15 mins in the rain - then the flat was appalling!

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