Searching for Brighton & Hove flats

The first step in our journey of buying a flat in Brighton and Hove was getting to grips with what was the best way to find a flat. Previously, as students renting our properties, we had only experience of letting agents and the rental market - which was always pretty cut throat. Papers and Magazines were no use as no sooner had you found a potential winner it had gone. More often than not, going around lettings agents almost daily as the only option. They were always very unhelpful, often putting barriers up when it came to renting to students in Brighton, and giving you a list of shoddy student houses.

Buying a flat in Brighton, the experience was still stressful, but on the whole the process was much easier. As properties generally sell much slower than they rent; finding a flat to buy, through the many many estate agents in Brighton and Hove, was much more pleasurable than renting. Estate agents have more time for you, they call you when a property comes on the market and there are many more avenues to explore as properties to buy are available in Brighton longer than to rent, so magazines become fairly useful.

The best way we found to search for a property in Brighton or Hove was the fantastic Right Move website. Also, latest homes magazine and the argus property pages were fairly useful although generally everything here was available on Right Move. There are various other sites notably Find a Property, Prime Location and Hot property, but these were all eclipsed by the sheer volume of flats in our price range on Right Move.

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