How to build a fitted wardrobe

As part of my guide to buying a flat, I thought I would detail some of the modifications I have made to the property since moving in. One of them was building a fitted wardrobe. So you want to build a fitted wardrobe rather than buying a flat pack fitted or stand alone wardrobe? I hope you are prepared!

Our bedroom is an odd shape with quite high ceilings and a recessed wall by the door. It measures 2.47m high by 2.54m wide, by 0.50m deep. We currently have an Ikea flat pack stand alone wardrobe, which juts out of the room a pointless 0.70m, and is dark blue and fairly over powering. We decided, in order to best use the space, a fitted wardrobe from ceiling to floor, cut to just the depth of a clothes hanger would make the room feel larger and lighter. We decided on the following process:

I know this is probably fairly difficult to visualise so I have produced the following diagrams:

If you are planning to build a fitted wardrobe, make sure you have all the correct tools too! We had such a wide variety of tools - and each one was invaluable. I have ordered the list below from the most to the least important, but don't under estimate how useful they all are!:

Tools we didn't have which would have been useful would have been a set square (some of the ends of the wooden struts were a bit dodgy!) A work mate of desk to cut the wood, and most importantly a clamp - drilling into the end of a 2.5m length of wood is pretty tricky if you can't hold it in place!

We used the following materials:

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