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January 1st 2006! - Happy New Year

So another year over then. Let me reflect on the trials and tribulations of David Coats during 2005:

New Years Eve was spent at a party at Mr Walters and Ms Fenn's (sorry Caro!) fine flat on Palmeria Avenue. Very nice way to spend the new year I have to say. I got very merry, chatted a lot of shit and watched fireworks on TV. I am definitely getting old. I'll have been on this earth for a quarter of a century this year!

January 4th - Sock Elves

Today is the day the sock elves are causing mischief in Brighton.

This morning, I couldn't find any socks. Well, actually I found plenty but they were all odd. I just don't understand what happens to socks and how one always gets lost.

Then, on the way to work, on Furze Hill near St Annes Well Gardens, there was a black sock on the floor. How does someone lose one sock on the floor of the street? Do socks slip off and fall through a hole in a shoe which they then zip up again - all without you noticing?

Then - and this I couldn't believe - there was another sock! - this time a pink sock - so obviously unrelated - on the floor on upper north street, quite some way from the first sock. HOW DO PEOPLE LOSE SOCKS! I tell you - Sock Elves are how! I am going to keep my eyes peeled for you sock elves who are obviously stealing peoples socks off their very feet. If I ever catch you Mr Sock Elf anywhere near my socks - be warned - I am on to you. I will dark you up like you have never been darked before!

January 5th - Sony Ericsson W800i upload problem solution

I thought I would blog today about something completely different - some helpful information about the Sony Walkman mobile phone - w800i.

I recently received a mobile phone handset upgrade - the Sony Ericsson w800i walkman phone. I was particularly interested in the Samsung D600, which comes with a 2 megapixel camera and 64MB memory, but when I realised the W800 also comes with a 2megapixel camera and a 512MB Sony DUO memory stick, I was sold!

The phone arrived from Vodafone, a week late (the replacement cover for my old Nokia 7610 arrived from Hong Kong after 2 days - the w800 only had to come from Middlesborough!) but I was immediately impressed with its usability and looks. Its about the same size as the Sony Ericsson 610i, my previous Sony Ericsson phone, but as with all of this years Sony Ericsson Models, the camera on the back has a flash, a shutter cover and is angled horizontally - like a normal camera. The most annoying problem with the older Sony Ericsson models was the delay between pressing the numbers whilst texting and the letters appearing on the screen. If you were a speedy texter you could be a few words ahead of yourself, make a mistake and have to delete everything you've written - not so with the w800i, smooth texting, great layout and really all the features you'd expect.

The one issue which arose with the w800i however, was the Disk2Phone software to upload data to the MemoryCard. It just didn't work! Once the drivers and software was installed I plugged the USB cable into the phone and started to queue up music to upload to the phone. The first time I used this, only half the music which it said had been uploaded had actually been uploaded to the memory stick. When I tried a second time, the data which it had managed to upload to the MemoryCard was deleted! Abandoning the software, I tried to manually upload the data to the MP3 folder on the phone. Not only did the same thing happen - with previous data deleted, the data which did upload wouldn't play using the walkman function.

I hunted around the net and found some interesting threads with people talking about their problems uploading to the Sony Ericsson W800i - see here. There was a General Consensus that the issue is with the Software, but also the firmware and how it interacts with the phone. After trying several solutions suggested the following solution to the w800i upload problem works for me:

I am now very happy with the w800i. I really do believe this is the best phone I have ever owned. The photos rival my Digital Camera, the menu layout is great, it has all the functions you would expect - including a decent predictive text function - which is no longer delayed and with the 512mb memory and quality headphones it comes with, no need to carry around an mp3 player and your phone - bye bye ipod!

January 5th - Breaking News

For the first time in this site's short history I am posting twice in one day!! I just wanted to add some photographic evidence showing The SMS Heartbreaker breaking more things - this time his new year resolutions!

January 11th - Inverness Holiday

It's getting a bit exciting now - Me and Raquel are only two weeks away from our 2nd Anniversary break now! Wooo! We have booked a luxury hotel in Inverness and cheap easyjet flights. Might get myself some walking boots but am pretty skint at the mo - what with all that drinking I did over Christmas.

Check out this cool directory me and Dan are working on. If Alex Tew can make a million so can we! Unfortunatley, it looks like there is a Google PageRank update going on so we will miss the boat for the next quarter :-(

January Friday 13th - Unlucky for one car driver

This morning on the way to work, Holland Road was littered with flashing lights. I decided to take a detour from my normal route through St Anne's Well Gardens to see what had happened. As I approached the first police car, which was parked diagonally across Holland Road, I could see just make out the wheels of a car lying on its roof! It didn't look like any other car was involved, but on closer inspection of the photos I took with me phone, you can make out the damage to a parked car facing toward the sea front.

Take a look at the photo's I managed to take - unfortunately, the side with the best view was blocked off by police and my side was obscured by the police car, but you can make out clearly the upturned car. This was taken on the junction of Somerhill Avenue and Holland Road, with the car facing up the hill away from the sea front. I wonder what happened? That'll teach someone to speed on Friday the 13th Ey!

January 17th - Million Dollar Shame

What a shame. Alex Tew's Million Dollar Homepage has been attacked by jealous losers. I tried to show a friend the power of a single press release and of a simple Internet idea and the site didn't work - great example! Now I read it's some geek loser who's obviously jealous of Tew's Success so is spamming his site, bringing it down through the high bandwidth. Sad.

So not a lot going on in Davey boys life - as per! Weekend was quite a quiet one. Went out for some drinks at the Palmeria at 11.30pm (love the new drinking laws!) on Friday night. Spent all day Saturday in bed playing Playstation, the went out for Dave's birthday meal at Cafe Iguana on the new Jubilee Street complex by the Library. Very good food. I love fajita's, and these were great fajita's. Really wanted to be different and get a Paella or a Pele Special, but opted for the safe 'tasty' option!

Nothing happening this week - will try to post something amusing or interesting later in the week, although am busy with other commitments. Will try to get my guide to DC++ filesharing up an, as I know I've promised a few people I would help them out. This would save hours of annoying phone calls trying to get the stupid thing to work!

January 18th - David Coats Fan Club

I received my first piece of fan mail today! How cool! A chap in Sao Paulo in Brazil wrote to me, not to ask for a bloody link, or to complain about some stupid piece of CSS not working (Dan and Alex!!) but to say he really likes my site and photos - so Regi - thank you very much! I'm glad I could be of service! You certainly put a smile on my face and brightened up my day!

On a similar subject of just how famous I am becoming - I will have my picture in Latest Homes next week! Not because I bought a flat in Brighton, but advertising jobs in Brighton. It's only a small photo, but i think it captures my better side. Listen to me! better side! Well, a boy gotta feel good about himself in these dark winter months ey!

January 22nd - Sunday boredom

What is it about Sunday's - they're just so dull! It's been one of those weekend's - I'm too poor to do anything fun and too lethargic to be bothered.

Friday night I was in bed by 11pm. Saturday daytime - brace yourselves for this - I actually got my arse into gear and did some work in the garden! Well it has been a lovely weekend weather wise. I sanded and rendered the really poorly painted wall right by our back door. Unfortunately, the render didn't take very well on the smooth surface and was slumping and falling off! I had to do a really thin coat of mortar and will have to do it again - that'll be in another 3 months time! I'll publish the photo's once it's finished as it looks pretty poor at the moment.

Then last night, Caroline and Duncan came round our flat and we drank quite a lot of wine - I was actually pretty wasted - so this morning my head pounded and my dry mouth tasted, well, minging!

This afternoon I met my Cousin's Daisy and Hannah in the Atlas Bar and Lounge on Western Road for Sunday lunch. It was a pretty good lunch - not the best - but not bad. It was good to see Daisy and Hannah - I haven't seen Hannah since I was about 10! They are identical twins which is pretty cool, although you can quite easily tell the difference.

I have finished my DC++ help guide for those who have been asking me. I've also added to my property blog with some info about Estate Agents in Brighton. Enjoy!

Hotlinking Warning

This is what happens if you hotlink to my site - especially if you hotlink to images of my face! Hotlinking is where you display one of my images on your site which is still hosted on mine. DO NOT Hotlink - you are stealing my bandwidth! If you wish to use my images - just ask. You can save them on your hosting and pay for them out of your hosting allowance! I check my stats every day. I can tell very easily if you are hotlinking as you will show in my referrer data and I will check your site. I will replace all images with pornographic images if you hotlink to them.

January 24th - Dave the Google Expert!

I am officially a Google Expert as of today - its printed in Bold for all to see! Check out this weeks Latest Homes - the Latest 7 jobs section (from the back), page 39. I've got my photo and comment (i didn't make). But nevertheless, it is all true!

Having gone through a comprehensive training programme - of beer, coffee and how to work with music pumping at full volume all day - I'm now working with big brand clients - Virgin, Esure, Experian... damn right! - and regularly attend client meetings to discuss technical recommendations for their site - maybe once a month, but yeah, true - I graduated with a master of physics with management studies degree - then why am I helping webmasters code for search engine visibility? - which gave me the right analytical and technical skills for the job - ah, that be why! ¦:-§

David Coats

David Coats the Google Expert

Latest Homes - Very reputable!

David Coats - That Photo!

On a different note, this may be the last time I post during January - I'm going to Inverness on Thursday for me and The Girl's 2nd Anniversary - woohoo! Couple of days off relaxing in the Scottish cloud by Loch Ness - err! Well, the hotel has a spa, pool and gym - so i'll probably be relaxing there instead!

January 30th - Cromwell Road Fire

Coming home and going back to work is always pretty hard after a holiday and this morning was certainly no exception. I just couldn't get myself out of bed and was about 20 minutes late for work. Our little getaway to Inverness was really great. We hired a car and drove all round the Highlands. Scotland is a really beautiful place and I'm really glad we went. It's somewhere most people wouldn't think of going for a break - places like Prague, Vienna, Switzerland, Italy etc etc are such common short break destinations now, it was really refreshing going somewhere not very touristy. I'll write more about our holiday later, and show off some pictures too!

While we've been away there was a big fire on the corner of our street. A basement flat caught fire on the junction of Lorna Road and Cromwell Road and 30 firefighters had to tackle the blaze. See the report Here. The flat is behind the bus stop, opposite and to the west of the big horrible blue stripy Council flats. The whole area stinks of fire so was obviously pretty bad.

Well Done Brighton for playing with Dennis Rodman yesterday - and winning! Unfortunately, it looks like they got themselves in hot water over it - silly bears!

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