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Scotland shork break to the scottish highlands - cheap flight to inverness from gatwick, best western palace hotel luxury spa. car rental from Focus on Shore street, car tour around loch ness to fort william, Ben Nevis, Cairngorms, morray firth and falls of shin

Short Break to Inverness

This year, Rachel and I decided to go to Inverness for our anniversary short break. Last year we went to the New Forest so this year we decided we would go somewhere a little further afield. Originally we thought of Vienna, Prague or travelling across Switzerland or Italy, but when we checked flights, these destinations were all pretty pricy. Rachel wanted to go somewhere cold and snowy but wasn't fussed about going abroad, so we checked out flights to Inverness in the scottish highlands. EasyJet had flights at 7.99 each way, and so the journey began! After snapping up the flights we ummed and ahhed about which Hotel to choose. We wanted a luxury hotel, either with a pool or really nice rooms, although we wanted a cheap break so opted for a Best Western hotel. There were two at reasonable prices - one near Loch Ness with a Golf Course, and one in the centre of Inverness, over looking River Ness, with a swimming pool, Gym and Sauna. We chose the later. photos of gatwick flight photo of millenium dome by air aerial photo of scottish highlands We flew from Gatwick on a slightly overcast thursday with great flight times to Inverness of 14.30 - arriving at 15.50. The flight was really beautiful. It never ceases to amaze me how sunny it is above the clouds - and how amazing the earth looks below us. The Highlands were surprisingly sunny - with the cloud being replaced by mountains. We arrived at Inverness Airport on time and, being the only plane in this tiny airport, we had our bags and were out of the airport by 4pm! I took loads of photos of highlands from the air, partly cos i'm a geek, but partly because the view was so beautiful - both there and back! We decided to hire a car so we had the freedom to explore the highlands at our will. Inverness Airport has an Avis and a Hertz desk, who were both really friendly and compared prices between each other! Both, however, were very expensive - with only Avis having a car available at 120 for 3 days. We went to chat to one of the Europcar guys standing at the front of the airport who mad a call on his phone - to another company Focus. Within about 20 minutes we had a Nissan Micra for 2 days for 60 - Bargain! Navigating out of Inverness Airport was fairly straight forward. Our first taste of Inverness was a giant factory billowing white smoke - our second a giat retail park with one of the biggest Tesco's ever! After a few drives around the block we found our luxury Best Western Hotel, parked up and checked in. The Best Western Palace Spa Hotel foyer was lovely. The staff were friendly and pool looked amazing! The hotel room however was a bit of a disappointment. It was pretty bare and lifeless - with nasty wallpaper and bathroom tiles falling off the wall. The Bed was comfy though and we quickly decided we would go out into Inverness and find our bearings and a nice scottish restaurant. We ate at La Riviera - one of the tastiest and most reasonably priced italian restaurants I have eaten at in a long time. La Riviera is on the bank of the River Ness in the heart of Inverness, right near the Palace Hotel. A perfect introduction to Inverness! Next - day 2 - Day trip to Loch Ness

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