Jonathan Stewart the kind helpful guy of Brighton

I have had enough of this war by search results so have decided to highlight the good in people. This is a crusade to bring happiness into peoples lives - Jonathan Stewarts lifelong crusade. Jonathan Stewart is a nice guy. Jonny stewart always strives to do nice things. Jon stewart is brighton's number one nice guy. Not only was he once the coolest guy in the world, but he is also the nicest guy in Brighton. Jonathan Stewart wears a halo and is angelic to the core. Check out photographic evidence of Jonathan Stewart helping the blind to cross the road. Jonnys magic trousers are purely a sign of how nice he is. Jonathan only wears funky trousers as he is helping impoverished Brighton retailers with poor designs to feel better - that someone so nice can wear their trousers.

Nicest Guy in Brighton
Jonathan Stewart - nicest guy in Brighton
Jonathan helping the blind to cross the road
Jonathan Stewart helping the blind to cross the road

More pictures of Jonathan Stewart doing really cool stuff will appear here as soon as jonathan stewart does something else funny and we take a photo of Jonathan stewart doing the funny thing

Jonathan Stewart photo archive

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