Lewes Fireworks and Lewes Bonfire night 2005 photos and celebrations in East Sussex, UK. Bonfire society Cliffe, Waterloo fireworks photos free to enter, South Street firework photo and parade through Lewes high street. Burning barrel races, burning crosses thrown in the river. Read the history of Lewes fireworks and bonfire night
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Lewes Bonfire night 2005 Photos

2005 was my 6th Lewes Bonfire night since I moved to sunny Sussex to go to University in Brighton. 2005 was also the 400th year anniversary of Guy Fawkes and the minority Catholic plot to blow up the Houses of parliment, assasinate King James and overtrow the ruling protestant government. This year, Lewes bonfire and fireworks were no less spectacular than any other year. If anything that little extra effort seemed to have been made with the costumes, the parade and the fireworks. Fortunately it didn't rain, the fires sites were dry and the trains to and from Brighton, although full and packed like sardines ran well and late into the night (we got back at 1.33 into Brighton when the last train from Lewes was meant to be 12!)

Below are my photos of Lewes Bonfire 2005 parade and celebrations. This year, I attended the Lewes Borough firework display. I hadn't been to this particular society's fireworks before - its nice to try something different ey! You can also see my 2004 Lewes bonfire photos, where I attended the Waterloo society firework display.

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Lewes bonfire 2005 photos - Society costumes
photos of Lewes bonfire costumes photos of Lewes bonfire effigies Lewes Bonfire society's costumes and people

Lewes bonfire parade photos 2005
Lewes bonfire parade photos Photos of Burning crosses Photos of Lewes parades 2005

Lewes borough Fireworks 2005 photos
Lewes firework photos 2005 Lewes Borough Bonfire photos Fireworks and bonfire in Lewes

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