Do Goldfish dream?

Do Goldfish dream? Do Goldfish Sleep?? Well! Goldfish are diurnal, which means they are active in the day rather than at night - much like humans. Goldfish appear to go into a trance-like state at night, although this is not really sleep, because they don't close their eyelids (beacause Goldfish don't have eyelids! Other than closing their eyes, it does seem just like sleep similar to that humans experience.

So do goldfish dream? Well, dreams are related to memory, and as everyone knows, Golfish have a short term memory of between 3 and 7 seconds, although they do have inbuild fuctions telling them what they want (food and sex), who are their preditors and about thier surroundings. In answer to the question, who knows! I don't, I can't find anyone who does. But i would guess that goldfish do dream if they have electrical impulses through their brain

One comment I could make, apparently humans dreaming of Goldfish is a sign that you are about to embark on many successful adventures! I wonder if Goldfish dream of humans if that means they will have successful adventures? I would assume it would mean the opposite - If a Goldfish dreams of a human it means they will be locked in a bowl in a living room and have no adventures whatsoever!! ;-)

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