Are the needles used to administer a lethal injection sterilised, and if so why?

This is quite a strange question. If a person on death row will die by lethal injection, are the needles used to administer the injection sterilised? If the needles are sterilised, why are they sterilised?

To Find the answer, I asked for the help of Alex Asigno, private investigator extraordinaire! Alex wrote an email to Death Penalty Info who to our amazement wrote back! good on you Death Penalty people. I guess this is because they have nothing to do now there are less people on death row in the US!

Here is the reply:

Dear Alex
The needles as well as the point at which the needle is inserted are
sterilized, as it is part of the figurative sterilization of the
process of execution that is to guard against questions of cruel and
unusual punishment in execution, I would believe.
Ron Dennis -

Of course, there is an easier explanation - which is that the needles they use are made in a sterile factory and packed in sterile packs, so are naturally sterile - just like all needles! I guess a better question would be - is the poison used to kill the person tested for other bacteria or viruses - or produced in sterile environments?

I guess that just takes the process of death by lethal injection a little too far! Bring back the good old process of hung drawn and quartered - but only when the death rowee is a child molester!

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