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1st September - Missing first Morgage payment

My first Mortgage payment went out today - JUST!!

We really should have been more prepared for it, and thought a little harder, and crucially - had more money! When we were preparing our mortgage, we decided to set up a joint bank account to pay the mortgge and utility bills. I carried out a search for the best bank account at money supermarket and chose an Alliance and Leicester Internet only account. This seemed our best option as it came with:

However, the one thing we neglected to consider was that fantastic black hole money disappears into when you transfer from one bank to another. Me and R have HSBC and Barclay's current accounts from which we set our standing orders to fund our Alliance and Leicester bank account, hence pay our mortgage. Of course, once the transfer is made, the money disappears from one account and reappears 4 days later in the other. Marvelous. We are both paid on the last day of the month, the mortgage goes out on the 1st, but we need 4 days between for the money to go from one account to the other. Great!

So what was our solution. Well, there was nothing I could do other than take out a loan or extend our overdraft (as we were already at the limit - 1k just ain't enough!!) Fortunately, Alliance and Leicester were really good and agreed to make the payment but with a charge to us of 20. Thankfully R transferred some money on Saturday and it arrived in the account this morning - just in time to make the mortgage payment and save us our fee. Lucky!

What will we do to protect our mortgage payments in the future? The obvious answer is transfer the money sooner, which is not going to be possible as there is only a day between pay day and paying mortage day. Next we could try to move the mortage payment day. Or finally, live a very tough month and pay 2 months payments at once. hmmmm! I think a simple answer might be to change bank accounts!

6th September - Hard work and no money - yeah right

You may notice I have removed the killimanjaro feed. There is no gprs in Tanzania, so the webcam wouldn't work. We have had word from the climbers that everything is going well. Arjo made it 4000m, whilst the others are still going. I hope they make it to the top, although I will owe Laurence more money!

What a crazy week its been though. I had to do they final bit of moving out of our old student house in the centre of Brighton. Not sorry to see it go I tell thee!! I cleaned the most disgusting cooker, fridge, kitchen, bathroom, toilet etc I've ever known for 6 hours on Friday night. That's what happens when 2 groups of lads live together for a year ey!

Saturday the nightmare continued. I reserved a van on Friday afternoon so I could move all the stuff from the house. There was so much rubbish - about 20 bin liners full, plus two old chairs, 2 beds, a TV, a washing machine and a couple of desks. I arrived at the rental place on Saturday morning only to find out the van had been double booked and had gone. Bollox! I was forced to get a 'man with a van' from the back of the friday-ad.

For anyone who knows me, I am quite a liberal person. I'm an advocate of many socialist values but also believe people should be free to earn as much money as they can. The 'man with a van' was the type of person I should therefore congratulate, however, I have never met someone I despised more after such a short space of time together. This guy lives on a caravan site - fair enough. He charges 20 an hour for his services, and makes about 600 per week - again fair enough. He provides a valuable service and works long hours doing 'hard labour' - respectable

The guy is a dim-witted, skanky, scabby tax evading fuck, who is bone idol and has the most right-wing fucked up views of anyone I have ever met - Cunt! He was about as much help moving furniture as a stuffed teddy, his van was a piece of shit - which he coasted all the way to save fuel. He blamed immigration for house prices, then continued to slate anyone who has just bought a house as 'ignorant?' Saying he was sure of a house price crash - After we'd discussed I'd just bought a property - ahem - was he asking for a fight!!! He admitted to not paying any tax for 2 years - even though he earns 600 a week (31k a year tax free) - then he has the cheek to slate the immigration system - if you want something done, fucking pay some taxes!!!

Anyway - This guy 'helped' me remove the rubbish from the house, although he wouldn't take the bags incase they made his filthy fucking van even more of a shit heap.

After all that cleaning, lifting and moving, sunday came along and provided some more hard labour - in the form of building a wall. On both sides of our back garden there was a fence, covered in Ivy, behind which was the garden wall. By removing the fence we figured we would gain an extra foot of space on either side and have a nice wall rather than this dirty old wooden fence.

The wall was a mess!

The Ivy had grown through the wall basically knocking it down. It was poorly build in the first place, with far more crumbly mortar than bricks. When it was pushed the whole thing rocked. Me and Sean then spent the whole day, missioning to and from Wickes with bags of Mortar and part-demolished, re-pointed, re-founded and re-rendered the wall. With the result - A beautifully re-build wall. Well, It will be anyway!

SO this week at work has actually been recovery week. Its actually a joy to sit at a computer after such hard graft. Pity I don't get paid for it ey Man with a van ;-)

9th September - Crazy workload

Everything has been so hectic this week. I know it's such a cliche to write this in a blog, but it is true - I don't think i've ever worked as hard as I have over the last week.

It all started on Monday when I had to finish some work for a client. The document I was producing slowly became a 4000 word document and overran into monday evening and tuesday morning. Tuesday and wednesday, I continued rendering the wall after working more than full days, then thursday I went to Hammersmith for a 10am meeting with Virgin, then Bradford in Yorkshire for a second meeting at 3pm. Me and Tom spent 10hours on trains and 4 hours in meetings. Needless to say, we wound down with a few beers on the train back and I passed out the second my head touched the pillow!

It's almost been too hectic to watch the cricket - almost, but not quite. We aren't doing as well as we could be, which is pretty dissappointing. I really thought we were in with a good chance of winning the Ashes, but I fear a traditional England batting collapse will give the Aussies a convincing victory. I remember watching Mark Butcher, Alec Stewart and Michael Atherton back in 2001 and feeling miserable after we got trounced 4-1. This time we are so close, leading 2-1, needing only to draw, and still the Aussies give us a hard time. Well, we'll find out on monday ey!

In the mean time, while its raining - try out Lemmings or this really cool flash game

23rd September - Brighton Horse Races

I haven't written much for a while. As per things have been busy, but to be honset, I've run out of steam for this site. I've been sandboxed by Google, which basically means I have been treated with caution and am not ranking for anything that I once was. As a consequence, I have gone from 15 first time visitors a day to about 2, which is a bit crap.

What have I been up to then? Well, we won the Ashes - Woohoo! that was a quality celebration! Then the flat nearly caught fire when a towel fell onto a lamp - which kind of ruined the celebration. I went to Bradford for a business meeting - which was very, err, northern india! Jonny came down with his new car - which was scary! (120mph on the A27!!! - don't tell the cops!). Its one hell of a car, very tight squeeze to get in and out, but amazingly quick! What else has happened?? Thats about it I think! Lots of work, both as an SEO and moonlighting as a web developer! That reminds me - Benjy the Bath Landscaper got a 15k job as a result of a Google search for "landscape gardeners in Bath" - well good! I'll pat myself on the back for that one! He's gonna pay for me to go back to bath next weekend - which should be quality! Incidentally, why not check out the photos of Bath does Brighton from the August Bank holiday or the Christmas 2004 in Bath photos.

This weekend I'm going to Brighton Horse Races - woohoo! Mr Valberg's lovely lady got me and R 2 free VIP tickets, so should be pretty cool!

I've been drinking lots of Coffee and have noticed a strange correlation between number 2's and the strength of the coffee. I have carried out some research and can now reveal - Coffee makes you shit!

While you're here, why not check out some funky stuff thats been happening in the world - Bet on a bomb, beat my score on the BBC Maths test and finally - I've been receiving quite a few pictures of me - a random picture message from a random number (who was it?) and this - Famous Dave

27th September - A day of Mourning

Last night my trusty companion of 3 years died. No not the girl, not my mums dog - my lovingly cared for, hand build PC. After nearly 3 years to the day, and 3 months of strange noises from the fan on the processor, it finally gave up the ghost - just in time for me to finish uploading my photos and delete them from my camera. There was a clunk, a fizz and then the screen froze. Perhaps stupidly, I left it for a couple of minutes in the vein hope it would come back to life again, but no chance. After three resets that monotone long beep signifying no processor told me it was no more. I removed the cover to a waft of hot charged air and couldn't touch the heat sink on the processor as it was so hot. I turned it back on and to discover the fan wasn't turning. Thats the trouble with silent fans - you don't know when they aren't working! The bastard thing is - AMD don't make my a 1600 Athlon XP anymore, or in fact any that will work in my ATi KG7 motherboard. I will have to buy a new processor and motherboard. Ah well, could be worse - I have decided on a relatively cheap AMD Sempron 2800 and slightly quicker motherboard - so I'll have a faster machine in the end - and 150 every 3 years to rejuvenate my PC is not a lot really!

Anyway - today is a day of mourning on my site. Please respect this day of morning by clicking on my adsense - hence helping me re-build my computer!

30th September - Cure for a cold

I wish I had one. I feel like crap - but a cold is not enough to complain about - horrible things! It started on Monday with a sore throat. I always get a sore throat first, so I knew it was coming. The latter part of this week I have been in this dreary, dreamy drugged up state, what with all Abi's Night Nurse and Lemsip Max Strength. I wonder if there is any actual research going on into finding a cure for a cold, or if it all goes on finding drugs to make you feel better. They don't really work. I wonder how many people die from a cold? Loads of old people I'd imagine.

Anyways, today I have the day off work and am going to Bath! yippee! Get pissed and prolong my cold. I just ordered my new computer parts. There goes my pay then! In at midnight, out by 10am!

One last thing, its my mothers birthday and I haven't got her anything yet. Looks like it'll be a trip to Tesco for some chocolates and a cheap book!

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